by Charles Ying

On Google Chrome Lite

February 19th, 2009

Elaborating on what I wrote (originally for a blog post) in ReadWriteWeb’s Google I/O contest:

In 2009, Google should embed Google Chrome into Google Toolbar, which has a HUGE install base. This would be a huge driver to accelerate Google’s web platform, convert more folks over to a modern browser experience. Imagine a Chrome “Lite” running inside Toolbar inside IE, billed as a “web accelerator”.

I should be clear: Only Google knows how many people have installed Google Toolbar. Even so, I suspect it’s a large number, placing Toolbar on Google’s homepage and paying to 3rd parties like Adobe to bundle Google Toolbar. Google is also very secretive about this number, so it’s got to be either really large, or really small.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if one day most IE users turned into Google Chrome users? Web standards, fast WebKit goodness everywhere.

A web developer can only dream.

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