by Charles Ying

Safari 4 Public Beta

February 24th, 2009

Safari 4 has entered public beta. It’s blazingly fast (unless you’re using WebKit nightlies already) and has tons of features, even outside of the WebKit core.

Apple’s press release

Some additional notes:

  • The Safari 4 Welcome animation is done in HTML5 and CSS Animation. It’s not a video. (Well the compass is) But still very sexy.
  • I swiped the welcome animation audio and placed it in this post.
  • The Top Sites feature is slick. Those curved preview surfaces are just not ready to be done in CSS Effects.
  • CSS Transforms 3D is not available in this public beta.
  • Tabs are placed on top. It’s a little harder to drag them around for me when re-arranging, but see if you like them better.
  • Safari 4 does not use 1 process per tab contrary to other news reports.

2 Responses to “Safari 4 Public Beta”

  1. CMS Says:

    I tried Safari, at least on the Windows platform and found it quite buggy and unusable. Chrome is much better.

  2. Laurent Says:

    Do you know why the 3d transformations are not in this beta. They have been in the iPhone version of Safari for a while.