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Build great things that people love. That and whizzy graphics.


University of California at Berkeley - B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences.
December 1998. Emphasis: Software Engineering, Graphics and Algorithms.


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Flipboard, Inc., June 2010 - Present
Developer. Early member of Flipboard's product team. Contributed to design, development, and strategy.
  • Leading effort to build Flipboard's web products, with an adaptive pagination layout engine to render Flipboard content in modern browsers. [Link #8]
  • Lead design and development of Flipboard Pages, a HTML5 framework for automatic magazine-style layout and presentation of web pages with over 100 major publishing partners.
  • Designed and built vertical multiple page flip touch interface in Flipboard for iPhone.
  • Prototyped and designed several animated UI and animated transition concepts in Core Animation and CSS 3D.
  • Lead design and development of Flipboard's full-page print mobile advertising platform.
  • Worked on initial Flipboard for iPad client, implementing UI features and performance optimization.
Sony Corporation of America, June 2009 - June 2010 (Nick Trotta)
Principal Engineer. Lead design and development of Trilithium, a rapid application development framework for PlayStation 3. Trilithium includes hardware accelerated graphics and animation; HD video streaming playback; and a simple API for rapid development. Sony's Video Unlimited and Hulu Plus for PlayStation 3 are applications developed with Trilithium.
Hi5 Networks, Inc., June 2008 - June 2009
Software Architect. Provided technical direction and guidance for hi5's Interactive Media Group. Lead development of hi5's Flash-based 3D avatar service.
PixVerse, Inc., January 2007 - June 2008
Founder and CEO, Acquired by Hi5 Networks, Inc., June 2008. PixVerse is a next generation, pure web-based virtual world company. PixVerse developed numerous applications and technologies around real-time interactive web applications, including:
  • Flash-based virtual world with media sharing capabilities
  • Real-time chat social network applications
  • Support for spanning PixVerse's virtual world across social networks, including Facebook, MySpace, Orkut and hi5.
  • Developer evangelist for Google App Engine, Google OpenSocial, MySpace, Orkut and hi5.
FilmLoop, Inc., January 2005 - August 2006
Chief Technical Officer, January 2006 - August 2006.
Client Technologist, January 2005 - January 2006.
Jack of many trades. Stuff builder, hat collector, and technical fortune teller.
Openwave Systems, Inc., October 2000 - January 2005 (Benoit Schillings)
Software Architect. Founding member of the Mobile Phone Suite V7 team, Openwave's next-generation middleware platform for constrained mobile device profiles. Responsible for research and development, contributing in several diverse areas, including:
  • Relentless execution on prototyping new technologies and realising resulting products.
  • Developed V7's standards-based Scalable Vector Graphics engine and viewer, providing high-performance declarative vector graphics and animation capabilities.
  • Conceived and developed V7's Mobile File and Application Manager, an extensible application framework with a modeless and dynamic user experience.
  • Responsible for V7's media rendering subsystem, supporting all popular static and animated web image formats; constrained resources, data streaming and progressive rendering.
Sendmail, Incorporated, June 1998 - October 2000 (Eric Allman)
Architect - Web Applications and Administration Tools. Lead engineer responsible for driving the design and development of web applications and administration tools found in all of Sendmail, Inc.'s products.
  • Lead a team of five engineers to build the commercial software components for Sendmail, Inc.'s second generation flag-ship product line, Sendmail Switch.
  • Primary engineer in charge of the web application software components in Sendmail, Inc.'s first generation product, Sendmail Pro.
  • Design challenges involve building a clean, effective, and easy-to-use interface with an attractive graphic design complementing Sendmail, Inc.'s corporate identity.
  • Implementation challenges involve creating a flexible web applications framework to facilitate rapid usability and graphic design changes; maintaining complex session states; and securing user sessions with certificates-based authentication and encryption.
  • Designed and implemented a secure distributed administration network architecture that allows a central console to securely administer multiple remote mail servers. Challenges involved building an asynchronous non-blocking I/O network server to maximize scalability and portability.
  • Conducted research in interface design techniques and usability testing with customers to improve product usability.
University of California at Berkeley, December 1996 - June 1998 (John Canny)
Multimedia Consultant - Computer Sciences Division. Trained CS professors and graduate students in the use of multimedia tools and applications. Worked with post-doctorates and graduate students on several research papers and media presentations.
University of California at Berkeley, January 1997 - May 1997 (Brian Harvey)
Teaching Assistant - CS61C: Machine Structures. Taught discussion and laboratory sections. Assisted in writing and grading exams. Maintained course home page (syllabus, homework, exam solutions, and related reading material). Introduced new material to the legacy course curriculum.
University of California at Berkeley, September 1996 - December 1996 (John Canny)
Teaching Assistant - CS61B: Data Structures and Advanced Programming. (See above entry)
Global InfoNet, Inc., Internet Service Provider, Oakland, CA, August 1992 - September 1996
Senior Systems Engineer. Handled all technical operations and systems administration on MS-DOS, BSD/UNIX, and Windows NT platforms. Engineered servers, corporate Intranet, security and point of presence network routers.
Pharmagenesis, Inc., Pharmaceutical Research, Palo Alto, CA, June 91 - August 91
Intern. Developed heuristic statistical analysis database for chemical peak recognition (Claris Database). Assisted in systems administration on Windows PC/Macintosh Ethernet network.


Facade - Modeling and Rendering Architecture from Photographs. (Paul Debevec)
Image Processing, Video Editing and Audio Engineering. Digitally remastered documentary and final film using IEEE 1394 Firewire technology. Refined captured surface textures on buildings and sky models to correct edge-sampling issues. Presented at the ACM SIGGRAPH '96 graphics conference and the ACM SIGGRAPH '97 Electronic Theatre. [Link #1]
Digital Muybridge - Motion Capture from Video Footage. (Chris Bregler)
3D Motion Visualization. Tracked recovered motion using 3D human and skeleton models in Open-GL with a Silicon Graphics Reality Engine development platform. [Link #2]
Recovering Reflectance and Radiance Modeling from Architectural Scenes. (Yizhou Yu)
Video Editing. Edited and mastered a video for presentation at the ACM SIGGRAPH '98 graphics conference.


Snow Stack - Demonstration of CSS 3D Visual Effects
A CSS 3D visual effects demonstration using pure HTML, JavaScript, and WebKit’s CSS 3D Transforms, Transitions and Animation extensions. [Link #6]
iRhyme - A Machine Learning Rhyming Dictionary for iPhone
iRhyme uses statistical machine learning to analyze song lyrics to construct a massive and highly relevant rhyming dictionary for songwriters and poets. Available for iPhone. [Link #5]
XLHit - First Translated Real-time Search Engine
XLHit lets you search Twitter and FriendFeed in any language, automatically translating search queries and results into your native language. Translations are annotated with the original text. These patented methods were pioneered for qNaturally and applied to modern applications. [Link #7]
Sendmail::Milter - A Perl module for writing mail filters for sendmail.
Provides multi-threaded callbacks to Perl subroutines across different interpreter contexts. Maintains a persistent pool of Perl interpreters (similar to mod_perl 2.0) which provides better performance over conventional methods. Freely available from both SourceForge and CPAN. [Link #3]
Scalable Vector Graphics - Working Group Member
Working with related companies to build a viable and compelling vector graphics web standard. [Link #4]



Multimedia Grand Prix 1997 Festival.
Industry Award in Computer Graphics presented to Paul Debevec and the production crew of Facade and "The Campanile Movie". Multimedia Content Association of Japan.
Samsung 2009 Mobile Widget Developer Camp.
Best In Show and Social Media Awards presented for TweetJet, a Twitter client with language translation and HTML5 graphics effects for the Samsung TouchWiz mobile widget platform.

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San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley.


U.S. natural-born citizen. Started using computers at age 4; programming at age 7.


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