by Charles Ying

iPhone SDK Now Available (or How Apple reinvented the Mobile Application Platform)

June 1st, 2007

Today, John Gruber wrote an article asking for an iPhone SDK. Well, it’s here, but if you want it, you need to see things differently. —

For developers, the biggest thing about iPhone is that Apple has reinvented the mobile application platform. This isn’t mobile Flash, mobile Java, or even the mobile Web. It’s the real Web, the real deal.

The iPhone truly puts the Internet in your pocket. That’s huge. The Internet, the craziest, most amazing, important platform of our time is now on your phone. With a first class Web platform.

iPhone’s first 3rd party applications will be Internet services with web application or Dashboard user experiences. Apple’s will probably publish a few simple extensions; stuff to work with Multi-Touch high resolution, perhaps some offline support.

But remember, this is just the beginning:

Steve: What I’m saying is, I think the marriage of some really great client apps with some really great cloud services is incredibly powerful and right now, can be way more powerful than just having a browser on the client. Steve Jobs at D5

So until WWDC, you can find an iPhone SDK Developer Preview here.


Update: I think people are also realizing what the implications of all this are. Mike Arrington @ TechCrunch put it very succinctly in that mobiles and desktops will stop living separate lives when iPhone (and its clones) arrives and changes the game completely.

Update #2: It’s official.

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