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The iPhone Aloha Architecture Overview is ….

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

… a complete fabrication. April Fools!

Didn’t see it? See here: Digg.

Little easter eggs were mixed in that people found, namely:

  • LayerKit instead of Core Animation
  • LLVM as the static compiler and part of the runtime
  • Apple Computer, Inc. instead of Apple, Inc.
  • Bertrand Serlet as the PDF author
  • OS X 10.4.8 internal developer seed
  • Onyx as a successor to Quartz
  • % date -r 1143931338
  • Pixo is the original iPod OS
  • llvm-gcc instead of gcc-llvm

WTF? Why? How?

  • I like subtle April Fools jokes, and hadn’t seen any truly convincing ones so far. I had to be careful not to get carried away and slip on something (like llvm-gcc).
  • A lot of the components (Core Services, BootCache, etc.) come from the Apple TV dissections posted around the net. I grabbed the file dump from a homebrew site and cherry picked some frameworks that seemed likely.
  • LLVM comes from my prior posts on the LLVM ARM backend contributions from Apple.
  • Onyx was picked because it matches the Quartz theme, and it’s black, matching recently designed Apple UI, including iPhone.
  • And finally the major features (and the fact that it’s OS X) are derived from the Macworld keynote.

Thanks for the great comments, I hope you had a good laugh and it wasn’t too annoying. ;-)

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Leaked iPhone architecture document

Sunday, April 1st, 2007

iPhone Aloha Module Overview

Wow. I was surfing Scribd this morning for some code snippets and I happened upon this thing. It looks like a high level block diagram of the OS X that’s running in the iPhone. I’m not sure how much you can tell from this picture about what’s going on, though.

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