by Charles Ying

How to write an iPhone app

January 11th, 2007

I’m surprised how many people talk about how closed iPhone is. “I can’t write 3rd party apps!”

How to write an iPhone app:

  1. Build your app with Python, Ruby, PHP, WebObjects, Prototype, Dojo … whatever.
  2. Host your app on a web site somewhere on the Net.
  3. Bookmark your app from your iPhone Safari web browser.

Simple as that.

“But wait!” you say, “it’s not really open, I can’t access <insert-badass-iphone-feature-here>!”. (Do you really think they won’t add any neat extensions?)

Answer? Apple’s Open Source, ready-to-go solution. So now the steps are:

  1. Think up my awesome iPhone WebKit extension that isn’t already in WebKit.
  2. Contribute code to (though, you may want to standardize it first)
  3. Wait for clever engineers at Apple to port to iPhone.
  4. Sync latest iPhone Software Update.

I eagerly await the Mobile Internet Revolution. Coming soon.

Update: The Apple Engineers are talking

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