by Charles Ying

Vodafone Live! Powered by 3G

November 25th, 2004

In the US, when people ask me what I do, and I tell them, it often doesn’t impress upon them how people in other parts of the world use mobile phones in a completely different way. For about a year now, I’ve had the privilege of building the graphics and UI in one of the web browsers and messaging clients in Vodafone’s new Live! 3G service. Recently, Vodafone Live! 3G launched in Europe, and here are their launch adverts: Vodafone Live! Powered by 3G Adverts. (‘Mimic’ is one of my favorites)

I’ve also helped build other stuff for some of the world’s largest carrier services, Here’s a partial list:

  • KDDI au / WAP2001 / EZweb
  • Vodafone Live!
  • NTT DoCoMo – i-mode Europe
  • J-Phone JSky
  • Sprint PCS Vision
  • Orange 3G

So when you see Hello Kitty animating on one of those services, there’s a fair chance that I helped build that. Nifty :-).

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