by Charles Ying

M O B I L . A V E (Matrix Revolutions)

September 25th, 2003

According to people in the know,

Tippett Studios wrapped on visual effects last weekend. Escape FX wraps on Revolutions this weekend.

tick… tock.

(insert maniacal, Agent Smith laughter, here)

9 Responses to “M O B I L . A V E (Matrix Revolutions)”

  1. Oli Says:

    Hi, have you found answers for that “Mobil Ave” on the grid-like wall of the Metro station?


    Matrix community (French)

    Matrix community (English)

  2. oli Says:

    Hi, I’ve found an answer for “MOBIL AVE3. it’s here:

    Happy surfing.

  3. ana Says:

    who is eva mobil? (mobil ave)

  4. facts Says:

    mobil is an anagram for limbo is what i’m guessing

  5. salamander Says:

    Personally, I enjoyed the joke on Mobil Ave. station being the “underground railway” for programs seeking to escape.

  6. ZeBadger Says:

    Mobil Ave = Limbo Ave? He’s in a state of Limbo

  7. Nicholas Packwood Says:

    Limbo is spot on. I think there are two other references being made as well… first, mobil suggests mobility that is what the Trainman provides and what he passengers desire. Also, the word is an echo of Moebius, whose works suggest the effect Neo encounters when he tries to run down the train tracks.

  8. adam Says:

    does anyone know what font the word ‘mobil ave’ is in???

    please please please help!! :-)

  9. YO Says:

    does any 1 kno where 2 find that mobil ave wallpaper