by Charles Ying

Lost In Translation

October 3rd, 2003


Welcome to New Tokyo International Airport, Narita.

Viewing the trailer for Lost In Translation brought back so many memories of my trip to Tokyo two and three years ago. This movie captures the mixed-up dazed, confused feelings I had while lost in Tokyo, without knowing anyone, or the language. And at the same time, experiencing the exhilaration and thrill of exploring and adventuring through the neverending depths of Tokyo.

Anyway, it moved me enought to draw this portrait of Scarlett Johansson. Pencil on sketchpad, color correction in Photoshop.

For relaxing times, make it Suntory time.

8 Responses to “Lost In Translation”

  1. Larry Hosken Says:

    The scenes in this movie in which clueless Americans hang out late at night with Japanese people who are much cooler than them… those scenes reminded me of me at Jimmy Lefkowitz’s wedding party.

  2. cying Says:

    Hehe, reminds me of the couple of outings with Brent Mori and his friends at several nightclubs in Nishi-Azabu. We were out all night because the JR was not running late at night, and met some very interesting people along the way. (That’s a whole story for another time)

  3. suki Says:

    you captured that far away look in her eyes really well… :)

  4. Arman Says:

    I haven’t seen the movie…But its ok.I wanted to say that I really like the paintings or drawings.There are so many feelings around it,its like you’re two times in different moments..I like the freedom of drawing,something from the heart..I draw myself very well too,only it has been long time ago,while ago.Now that I’ve said this,I realize I miss it very badly.I don’t know why,but there is nothing that compares with the paper and the simple pencil.I guess it’s a gift from the angels you’ll never loose anyway..At the moment I have no inspiration.When I look in the mirror I see thousands of words in my eyes:Love,dreams,eternity..I see the beauty of drawing.And I thank God.. Take care of yourself C.

  5. Christophe Schuwey Says:

    Can you contact me for using this picture for the cd cover from the demo of our band?

  6. Rick Says:

    Nice drawing. I too was reminded fondly of the great times I had during my 3 years in Tokyo. Fantastic place. Take a look at my journal.



  7. Fei Says:

    just finished watching this movie…i like the slow mood come into my heart…I don’t want them have sex…fortunately, they didn’t….and this is not the pure love between man and woman…it is a kind of third emotion….i think…i like it…and i couldn’t help from sobbing…i don’t know why….

  8. Muhammad S. Says:

    Hey, I was looking for pictures of Lost in Translation to put as my backround, because I loved the movie so much, and i saw this come up in google. Your exceptional. I’m 15, and an aspiring artist; not to confuze you to believe I’m “good” or anything positive of the sort. I just want to tell you that I enjoy looking at your artwork, and I’m also a big movie watcher like yourself. Ok well, I don’t want to take much of your time. I’ll probably be posting often, so I just wanted to say hello.