by Charles Ying

Chocolux for WebGL = GPU raytracing in browser

October 18th, 2009

I’ve just finished my port of Chocolux for WebGL (click for demo page).

Chocolux is a real-time recursive GPU raytracer using four spheres by Auld. Today, Chocolux now can run in your web browser.

The implications of this are pretty mind blowing. WebGL now allows compiled code to run on the GPU. Imagine what games, image processing, and applications will be possible with compiled shaders and general GPU computing (OpenCL?) now in the browser. And with WebGL gaining widespread adoption, it’s going to be here fairly soon.*

For more information about cutting edge fragment shader GPU raytracing and rendering, check out Rendering Worlds with Two Triangles (PDF).

*pending completion of a stable WebGL spec, naturally.

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2 Responses to “Chocolux for WebGL = GPU raytracing in browser”

  1. George Slavov Says:

    My computer doesn’t have PS 3.0, just 2.0, and the demo seems to work correctly in Firefox. Sweet stuff.

  2. Auld Says:

    Hi Charles,

    Previously Chocolux seemed to work but now with nightly build of FF3.7a1, its broken. Any ideas why?