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WebKit, the New Linux

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

What do Apple, Google, Adobe, Nokia and RIM have in common?


WebKit is in iPhones, Android phones, Google Chrome, Mac OS X, Nokia S60, Blackberries, 2009 Palm Phones, and Adobe AIR. For every tech gadget that the blogosphere drools over, WebKit is there.

And more hotness is coming.

These companies are fierce mobile sector competitors. Yet they all use WebKit. Linux is the only thing that even comes close to such widespread adoption in this sector.

That’s a big deal.

Now take a look at the members of the Android Open Handset Alliance. These companies are a who’s who in the mobile sector. KDDI. DoCoMo. Samsung. Motorola. Qualcomm.

That’s a huge deal.

Why? WebKit is smallest, fastest, simplest, and it’s an easily hackable browser kernel.

(Does that mean WebKit is the iPhone killer? (Wait a sec…))

And Google is about to contribute stuff to make it even faster. Gotta love that open source.

As for WebKit’s competitors?

Definitely Opera for now. Opera is a mobile juggernaut.

Perhaps Mozilla, once they have a browser core that’s small and simple enough.

I still have hope. The Mobile Web Wars would be pretty boring otherwise. ;-)

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