by Charles Ying

Skia Source Code Released

September 2nd, 2008

Hitching a ride on the Google Chrome / Chromium release today, the Skia graphics rendering engine that is the graphics heart of Android and Google Chrome (when there’s no GPU around) and part of the Skia acquisition was released today. Skia’s GL source code was briefly leaked in early 2007.

Skia does have some similarities to Openwave’s (now Purple Labs) V7 vector graphics engine. (as they both come from Mike Reed’s companies) But that’s purely a coincidence, I’m sure. ;-)

If you’re doing work in mobile vector graphics or image rendering on constrained mobile devices, you really should check out the source code and have a look. Skia is quite elegant in its simplicity and power, a great combination.

Now if only we know how TAT worked …

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  3. Nguyen Vu Hung Says:

    You can run skia as a standalone library under Linux. I’ve have memo on it.

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