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A Google CEO in Steve Jobs’ Court

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Eric Schmidt just joined Apple’s Board of Directors. Google has been trying to build out their OSX development teams for some time. Apple has been taking their time with their web service and infrastructure strategy.

Here’s the recipe: Mix 1 cup Apple first class design with 1 cup Google’s first class infrastructure and algorithmic expertise and you have an unbeatable combination. I’m sure much speculation (GigaOm, TechCrunch) is already running rampant. So here are my 3 initial reactions to the Google Apple deal:

  1. Google hosted .Mac-style service (ad supported). Already, I could see Google hosting all features of .Mac iLife, and iWork and provide it ad supported to all Apple customers. Of these, the most interesting implications would be:
    • Google hosted Apple publishing.
    • Google hosted Apple iDisk ~ Windows Live Drive.
    • Google hosted future Apple spreadsheet-style application.
  2. Google hosted Apple iTunes streaming = iTunes Movies and Home Theatre. High quality and fast movie streaming with Google’s infrastructure and Apple’s design strengths.
  3. Google hosted WebObjects or Apple iWork database / spreadsheet application. Although a spreadsheet app is in the cards for Apple, I wonder if Apple may be working on a hybrid database + spreadsheet application. With Google Base’s infrastructure, think hosted Access + Excel databases or spreadsheets with sexy GUI on top. Imagine the types of databases a small business (or even personal stuff like recipes) could publish or host in a Google Apple web office.
I avoid speculating on anything more long term strategic goals for the two companies, it’s really anyone’s guess here… like a Apple + Google MVNO or a Google WiFi + Apple iPod integration.. the list goes on here.

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