by Charles Ying

Vector Graphics Libraries

May 18th, 2004

For one of my pet projects, I’ve surveyed the landscape of open source vector graphics libraries out on the net today. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

Smoke – The first one I encountered that uses OpenGL for rendering. Doesn’t implement a complete SVG set, but has some interesting concepts.

Cairo and glitz – Mono’s System.Drawing back-end (might be GTK) with glitz as a backend to OpenGL. A slightly different approach to stroking segments.

svgl – Not maintained anymore, but offers up some information on how clipping and gradients might work with a GPU. Does not stroke joins particularly cleverly, uses forward differencing for stroking segments.

Agile2D – Related to svgl, only uses Java2D’s path code and an unofficial OpenGL bridge. Pretty decent, however they were left wanting for features not available in their bridge.

Anti-Grain Geometry – Very accurate, however unclear on the performance / accuracy tradeoffs.

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