by Charles Ying

A weekend and Vienna Teng

June 23rd, 2003

What a weekend. I went to Vienna Teng‘s concert at Freight and Salvage on Saturday. It was an experience unlike any other, a) to hear her music and b) to hear her perform live. I mean, I’ve heard a few of the “great” classical pianists play in big stuffy concert halls, but it’s totally different to hear contemporary and unique music in a small, local venue from a talented musician.

What was interesting was when I was waiting in line for the bathroom, Vienna came out of the backstage room and waited next to me for the lady’s room (the lady’s line was really long) so we had a brief little chat about nothing in particular.

She stayed long after her performance to sign autographs, and when I asked her for advice for amateur composers like me, she said simply to be patient – that she wrote a lot of bad songs before the good ones, just be patient, keep at it and you’ll get there. Simple, good advice.

Sunday was fun too. Trang invited me to a BBQ down in San Jose, which was lots of fun. Marie showed me how to make deviled eggs (or at least Marie-style paprika-mayo-deviled-like eggs) which turned out pretty good actually. Mike was so funny, he couldn’t stop eating them, I think he had like 5 and then got a tummy-ache.

2 Responses to “A weekend and Vienna Teng”

  1. Christine Says:

    I have never heard of Vienna Teng — check out her website — interesting!

    Why didn’t you hit on her?

  2. Andie Says:

    Google linked me to this page, nice reading