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Wednesday, May 14th, 2003

If you liked The Matrix, you’ll also like The Matrix Reloaded. Well, just skip the first 30 minutes or so (or bring a book). Reloaded really starts out slow and but then throws you into insane hyperdrive for the rest of the film.

Some of you may know that one of my old research friends, George Borshukov, is one of the top R&D visual effects supervisors on The Matrix trilogy, he is the guy behind Bullet Time and Virtual Cinematography (the Burly Fight in Reloaded), Mission Impossible 2 and When Dreams May Come. I also have another friend working there, H.P. Duiker, who I knew through our old research team led by Paul Debevec at Cal. I also know some other friends working on creature effects in Revolutions at Tippett Studios.

Down to this…

Wednesday, May 14th, 2003

Since I started watching Buffy, some of the Buffyisms have crept into my daily vocabulary. “smoochies”, “you’re not wrong”, “oogily boogilys”, “kicked in the ghoulies”, and the habit of making everything all adverby. It’s fun, it’s like my personal guarantee.

Smallville was better than the average ooh-monster-ooh-meteor-rock-mutant episodes. They finally advanced the Lana Lang / Clark Kent storyline (about frickin’ time), and we’re not quite sure whether Lex Luthor is good or evil yet… but the only real TV answer is “a little of both, let’s explore that inner conflict”.

satine dot org

Monday, May 12th, 2003

I’m redesigning my web site. The old dark look to photon|effects is getting on my nerves. I’m thinking of something in Flash, but haven’t decided yet, the design I’ve got right now doesn’t really need to be in Flash, but it helps make the swooshy animations fun.

Second thing is, do I make this web log just become the main page of satine dot org? Maybe… I was hoping to put a real web site there, but that might not be realistic anymore.

Oh yea, check this site out, it’s kind of the look I’m going for…