by Charles Ying

Serenity – River

October 14th, 2004


A simple drawing of the character River, from the television series, Firefly. River is quite a complex character; she’s crazy, she’s kind, but mostly, she’s fragile.

Oh, and she has superpowers.

The drawing’s composition is fairly straightforward, but the design it was used in ended up a little bit more interesting.

6″x10″ Pencil on my not-so-new sketchbook with Strathmore paper (Shiny!)

2 Responses to “Serenity – River”

  1. David Says:

    great art, great music, great site. you’re really talented! I also play the piano and I enjoyed your songs and I wonder if I could get the score for Deviation from you so I could also play it. Thanks =)

  2. C. C. Says:

    hey =] i just wanted to say that your pieces are wonderful! i’m also a BIG buffy fanatic, esp. for james marsters xD i loved the sketches of willow and willow with tara. i was wondering if you could possibly make a drawing of james or spike..which ever you prefer =] come by my xanga and feel free to leave a comment..