Goodbye To You

November 7th, 2003


Most people don’t know that I’m an avid Buffy fan. This drawing is from one of the first episodes I ever saw, Tabula Rasa. The Willow character has been suffering from an addiction to magic, so much that it drives her lover, Tara, away. I gave Willow a more neutral expression than in the episode, to suggest her dulled senses caused by her addiction.

Willow’s framed much smaller in the actual episode, which I prefer, but unfortunately my sketchbook was not large enough to capture both Willow and the surrounding frame. You can get a similar frame when viewing this as desktop wallpaper, where the white borders extend to the edge.

This pencil study is from my trusty sketchbook (now getting quite full actually), 5″ x 5″. My pencil isn’t very dark, so Photoshop was used to darken and accent a few highlights.

12 Responses to “Goodbye To You”

  1. Gemma( BC&S) Says:

    You have a talent. This is one of the best black and white drawings I’ve seen. WEll done! I’m not sure of the guys web address but his name is Edward Juan. It was posted a while ago at the BC&S and his were pretty good too

  2. Wolfram Says:

    Absolutely incredible.

    Do you do commissions?

  3. kitty Says:

    someday u need to pass down ur drawing skills to me =)

  4. .:*Amanda*:. Says:

    I love your work. It’s extremely individual! I’ve had trouble finding work that really sets a tone and mood within itself….. I can see you in the drawings. Your style is very appealing , LOVE it!

  5. kristie Says:

    i have to say i’ve always wanted one of my art works to really say something to someone. to really make an impression on someone, and i’ll say you’ve really done that to me, it makes me want to cry! thanks for you creativity

  6. Erebus Says:

    I found this while doing a random search on Google.

    That’s one of the best fan pictures I have ever seen from BTVS. You have a gift and I am so glad you share it.

    Thank you.

  7. Ramita Says:

    i stumbled across this site while looking 4 other info (also on google!), but im sooo glad that i did. u hav sum serious talent and i too am glad u choose to share it.

    im real greedy so do more, and post MORE where more random (google) searchers can find it.

  8. Kate Says:

    This is an amazing artwork! As a freshman in high school and taking art. That enspires me to keep going! I love it and I would love to see more artwork from you!

  9. Limette Josanne Says:

    I just surfed in this great place. But itís really a pleasure being here. Go on with this good work.

  10. Paolo Says:

    I stumbled here, I enjoy your work very much. I ought to get going and put up my website and show my illustrations. Like you graphite and done in the same manner PC

  11. Jonathan Says:


  12. Sarah Sterling Says:

    Found your site from another blog and wanted to see what this was all about