by Charles Ying


May 19th, 2003


Here’s another of my latest sketches, that will become the basis for my satine dot org web site. Satine is one of the characters in Moulin Rouge, and the site is going to have some of my artsy / hobby stuff on there. Lately, I’ve also seen some rampant copying of my Utada Hikaru sketch, so I unfortunately had to put a copyright on this one, at least until I get a digital watermark setup.

5 Responses to “Satine”

  1. Christine Says:

    Charles dude! These are some good drawings! Will you do one of me? How much do you charge man?

  2. cying Says:

    Thanks, I guess I could… (in my copious spare time)… just need a good photo with solid contrasts… Though, drawing people you don’t know is way easier than drawing friends, you can end up obsessing over the little details – you notice them much more when it’s someone you know well.

  3. Rose Says:

    Hi, I like your drawings, and just wanted to comment that under current US law, everything you do that is original is automatically copyrighted. Nobody has the right to use anything without your permission. Check this site for copyright information:

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  5. Olaf Says:

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