by Charles Ying

Growing Up

December 2nd, 2003


In following from my previous art piece, this piece depicts a scene from the Buffy episode, “The Body”. Tara comforts Willow as she copes with the death of Buffy’s mother. The title comes from the idea that Willow is growing up as she faces the death of someone dear to her, as well as discovering a new love (first kiss) with Tara.

If you haven’t seen the episode (or the series), I highly recommend it.

The pencil drawing itself was done in my 7 x 5″ notepad. I took some liberties in coloring it with Photoshop, though I’m mixed on whether it looks better in sepia or in color. Ah well, I may change it later.


6 Responses to “Growing Up”

  1. debbe Says:

    wow, you have amazing talent.. i only wish i could draw as well as you.. i’m actually very jealous here

  2. painting Says:

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  3. Hell Says:

    Who R ya? ur pictures they R so beautiful! e-mail me if ya wanna talk

  4. Leanne Says:

    wow this looks like galadriel kissing frodos head …its a good scene great drawing keep it up! x x xLeanne

  5. red_lice Says:

    huhu..let’s talk art~~

  6. Sapphire Says:

    A blessing given to the child by her mother. “May you be wise enough to make the right choices in life, May you not make the same mistakes i made, Always stand by the principles you set out for yourself And never never let your let your life become a prison of compromises.”